Best Performance by Slingsby at the Moths

As the qualifying round for the Chandler Macleod Moth Worlds 2019 got completed, all the fleets got back to the waters after having a lay day for beginning the event’s final three days which will decide the title. The racing final first day has witnessed it all- spills, thrills, and most importantly, three pickets for Tom Slingsby, the leader of the regatta from Australia.

With the racing getting slightly delayed than the usual start time because of the shift in the sea breeze and the time to get into the position, it was certainly a difficult situation for the sailors to start off as the Doctor winds at the Fremantle were missing like in the earlier stage of the series. The winds, affectionately known as The Doctor, is the local sea breeze in Perth which I famous for going nuclear from the south-western direction during the summer. As a result of this, the breeze was at 15 to 18 knots for almost throughout the day.

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eSailing World Championship And What It Offers

The eSailing world championship was introduced to provide a unique technology-based option for sailors and sailing enthusiasts. Those who are or have been linked to the world of boats and sailing but are unable to get into competitive forums any more can enjoy the challenges set up by this competition. Last year saw the first edition of this event being held and this year the second edition has been launched with several new challenges and large prize money for the final event to bring in more players and participants to this series.

The uniqueness of this tournament is that those who log in and participate will find live events to be part of as well. For instance, last year many were able to be virtually part of the Hempel World Cup series. This was one of the several digital challenges introduced that help participants to be part of the live events and rank up their points in the world ranking of eSailing World Championship.

This year there would be a lucrative prize fund of $10,000 USD. The success that last year’s event saw with the possibility of being able to race virtually at the Hempel Sailing World Championships from the spectator stand has led to several live events being included in this year’s edition as well. There would be eSailing events for most of the major events of World Sailing. It would start off with the Hempel World Cup series this week which is being held in Miami. Florida. The participants can race against the Olympic champions in the waters and engage directly onsite as well. The main boats that would feature in the games are 49er, Nacra 17 and J/70.

There would be a chance of several other onsite sporting events such as at Marseilles, Porto Cervo and San Francisco. As per the World Sailing CEO, it is a new venture that would help to promote the sport on the digital and mobile platforms. Last year about 169000 people participated that showcased success of the venture.

Raja Muda Selangor International Regatta

It has been observed that there are rare winds and it is roasting hot at Raja Muda Selangor Regatta Penang Inshores. The breeze arrives from the northeast or from the west.

When the first time track was started for the cruising classes, there was a heavy rain but then they copped. Even a safety boat had to be despatched for finding one of the cruising class boats and a medical emergency was provided on board. So racing had been abandoned after the first race due to such experience.
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The fleet is set to encounter another transition in the 2018 Volvo Ocean Race (VOR) Day 9. Light and unstable winds are the next set of conditions the competing teams would have to navigate. The transition to the southern hemisphere comes with the issue of crossing the doldrums but this year’s has been quite unusual.

The transition affected Team Scallywag as they are still far west and have dropped from second place to fifth. AzkoNobel are still leading the pack but skipper Simeon Tienpont insists that it is “a big challenge” for them.

Yale Sailing Season

Regular season was concluded for the coed as well as women’s sailing teams of Yale. There were mixed results seen at the races finished last weekend. There were three coed squads that participated from Yale in the regattas held in the Northeast. Among them the No 2 Bulldogs were unable to fare well and obtained the 14th position. However Elis gained second place when it came to the Sherman Hoyt Trophy. Bulldogs competed and gained a sixth position at the World Team Racing Championship.


The women’s team that is ranked number one finished in the fifth position for the Mrs. Hurst Bowl league that is held at Dartmouth. As there were four regattas held at the same time, the Bulldogs had to rely upon younger sailors to make up the different crew. The coed skipper admitted that the underclass was vital for the regattas and it has definitely helped them gain crucial experience in competitive sailing. This is a time when older sailors are often off to compete in external competitions and hence the younger sailors need to step up and show their potential when it comes to top level regatta events.

The coed team was unable to fare well as there were unfavorable weather conditions. The Oberg trophy was difficult for them as the lack of wind led to postponement in the sailing races on both days. As a result of the windless regatta the Bulldogs were unable to score high, which was a fall from what they accomplished last year when they gained third position. There were five sailors from Yale who were part of the crew and were first year students. Hence, it showcases how it is necessary for the younger sailors as well as the older ones to be able to work together as a team.

New Zealand Working On Monohulls

The fast, foiling catamarans are now out of the America’s Cup and it has been replaced by the monohulls

Emirates, the team of New Zealand, who in the Bermuda won the Auld Mug some three months back, confirmed recently, that they are working on the designs for a single-hulled boat to get the “high-performance”. It will be used in the 36th edition of the marquee regatta of sailing which will held in Auckland at the beginning of 2021.

However, they did not share this fact, whether the boats used in the regatta will have canting keels or foils. But, they have committed to sharing more details about this at the end of the month.

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Pavlos Kontides Wins Gold

The final day of the World Cup Series at Hyeres was like déjà vu.

That is because Pavlos Kontides, the defending champion, had been able to steal the limelight yet again. He was a Cypriot Laser category sailor this year and was able to win against his rivals successfully once again this year. The last day of the races was the second day when live Medal Races were held. The one or two person dinghies that competed in this event put up exciting scenes for the viewers to watch on the south coast of France where the competitions took place.

The action that came on was despite a cold and overcast day. There was a steady breeze of 8 to 12 knots that did not dampen the spirits of the final competitors who did their best to win their medals at the end of the World Cup Series.

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29er Youth Title In Australia

Sydney teenagers Annie Wilmot and Natasha Bryant end up 2016 by being the last world champion of Australia.

Bryant was skipper on the boat and Wilmot were crew mate, they both have won the 29er youth title of world in New Zealand. Meanwhile, the Laser Radial crown was claimed by Alexander.

The success of these three youth at world level encourages Australia to be on top in Olympic sailing.

On the occasion Wilmot said “The winning came as a surprise to us. We are sailing since two and half years and we have never won any regatta. So, this win is extremely nice to us.”

The win is a first international win for Wilmot but she belongs to a family were sailing is everything. Her father, Bobby has won many world championships and he also the winner of the Sydney to Hobart event. The uncle of Wilmot Jamie is an Olympian and he is famous with the name big boat racer. Continue reading “29er Youth Title In Australia”

Modern Sailboat By Lyman

A new modern and classical boat has been designed and launched by Lyman-Morse. The construction is being done at Belfast in Maine by Lyman-Morse Thomas and it is a sailboat that is a classic design. The sailboat is a cold molded design that is 65 feet in length. The construction is ongoing at the Belfast construction yard and is being handled by Stephens Waring Yacht Design.

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