29er Youth Title In Australia

Sydney teenagers Annie Wilmot and Natasha Bryant end up 2016 by being the last world champion of Australia.

Bryant was skipper on the boat and Wilmot were crew mate, they both have won the 29er youth title of world in New Zealand. Meanwhile, the Laser Radial crown was claimed by Alexander.

The success of these three youth at world level encourages Australia to be on top in Olympic sailing.

On the occasion Wilmot said “The winning came as a surprise to us. We are sailing since two and half years and we have never won any regatta. So, this win is extremely nice to us.”

The win is a first international win for Wilmot but she belongs to a family were sailing is everything. Her father, Bobby has won many world championships and he also the winner of the Sydney to Hobart event. The uncle of Wilmot Jamie is an Olympian and he is famous with the name big boat racer.

On the other hand, after winning the regatta for the first time the Australian girls said “We are sailing together since a long time, but did not win any regatta, win the regatta of Youth Sailing championship is exciting and motivating for us. We both tried very hard to win this challenge. Speaking about the competitor, these girls said “In championship of international level, one expects this type of challenges, all our competitors were great. They gave us tough fight.”

She further added that “Reason why we won the race because we were consistent with our performance. Also, in the practice session we worked very hard and understood how to balance the boat any tough situation. We used all the skills that were taught to us at the time of training.” “This is our first international regatta but it will not be lost for sure.” She added.