Modern Sailboat By Lyman

A new modern and classical boat has been designed and launched by Lyman-Morse. The construction is being done at Belfast in Maine by Lyman-Morse Thomas and it is a sailboat that is a classic design. The sailboat is a cold molded design that is 65 feet in length. The construction is ongoing at the Belfast construction yard and is being handled by Stephens Waring Yacht Design.

Before the construction began, Drew Lyman, who is president of Lyman-Morse, spent the early part of the year, including the spring and summer months working with SWYD. The owners worked to perfect the design as well as the way it would be constructed.

A mockup of full scale dimensions of the boat was drawn up by March which showcased a guest cabin and a master stateroom. The setup helped to get the designers along with the LM Team to walk through the different phases of the project before it begins. The cockpit was fine tuned as well as the interiors.

The owners wanted the expertise of the Lyman team in installing and looking into the system engineering aspects after their success in creating the perfect yacht for the Croatian Bareboat charter team. The team in return has worked as per the requests of the owners and paid attention to the details. The company has also helped in managing costs and in looking into the quality aspects. This has also helped to get the project along.

The classic sailboat is being designed for easy sailing when one can have fun on board the boat with their family and friends. The cockpit has a high saloon which has drop windows that are large and a bulkhead that allows for communications and socializing between the interiors and the exterior spaces. The accommodations are built for six though there would not be need for cruising or overnight for the owners.