Giles Scott Goes for Gold

There are favorites of every game category before the Olympics have even begun. That is nothing new and in the world of sailing Giles Scott of GB is a name that everyone has been keeping a lookout for. He is said to be a favorite for the gold medal position in Rio 2016 games.

The first day of sailing saw him end in the tenth place. The opening day saw the sailing team of Giles Scott cover Marina da Gloria with mixed results. Being the favorite of the Finn class (after years of practice working for a Scottish yacht charters company) definitely builds up a lot of expectations which is what Giles has been facing, being the Olympian competing in the races from GB.

Results for Olympics cannot be predicted and that is what this year’s race is proving again. The start of the races this year has been frustrating for the Scott as he finished in the 17th position. The first race proved to be messy and bedraggled as well. He gained his ground after a shaky start and assumed the third place that was found encouraging by his fans. He stated that the first day had been disappointing, but it was definitely not easy for most participants out there.

However, you can expect the British champion to be used to adversities. He has remained unbeaten in a span of two years and is one of the most compelling figures among the ones who are considered the favorites for the gold medal. The Scott definitely faced a capricious day on the first day of the races as did all other medal favorites. Those who are fans of Scott still have faith in him. Those who see him whipping the dinghy into shape and the physique and form that he is in gives hope to his fans for greater results in the end.