Pavlos Kontides Wins Gold

The final day of the World Cup Series at Hyeres was like déjà vu.

That is because Pavlos Kontides, the defending champion, had been able to steal the limelight yet again. He was a Cypriot Laser category sailor this year and was able to win against his rivals successfully once again this year. The last day of the races was the second day when live Medal Races were held. The one or two person dinghies that competed in this event put up exciting scenes for the viewers to watch on the south coast of France where the competitions took place.

The action that came on was despite a cold and overcast day. There was a steady breeze of 8 to 12 knots that did not dampen the spirits of the final competitors who did their best to win their medals at the end of the World Cup Series.

As for Pavlos Kontides of CYP, he must have sat at the starting line of Laser Medal race category and thought that he was having a feeling of déjà vu. At the World Cup final of 2016 that had been held in Melbourne, he had ended up in the second position as he fought for gold against Matt Wearn from Australia. He had won that battle as well as the gold. This time it was the same situation except that he was facing Francesco Marrai of Italy this time as his rival to the gold. The fight was indeed a close one that saw the battle’s start from the beginning. It was definitely exciting for the fans to watch. Even though the final day had an overcast and bleak outlook, the races definitely offered an exciting finish to watch, especially as Kontides had to put off his rival who was quite close to him in terms of points and position.